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What to do if you have a dream and don’t know what to do about it.



What if there is something waiting inside your imagination, that wants to be born through you?

Sometimes, it can feel like our difficulities can make it seem impossible for dreams to happen and we don’t believe it can happen for us. It can appear that those who have achieved some high level of success have greater opportunity to start with than others.  However success doesn’t just come overnight, but there is a possibility for us all to achieve success. If you have faced struggles and hard times, most of the people who have had a lot of success have usually had a bad start and experienced heartbreaking struggles first, which caused them to find their other self which transformed them. So if you feel like you are getting nowhere, do not give up, the idea and dream has been planted in your mind for a reason and for you to express it – and you can!

Don’t get Bitter – Get Better

During misfortune and difficult times, we can think why me?

These times don’t mean we have to stay stuck there. Difficult and hard times happen to everyone, but its how we deal with it is what determines our life. Sometimes these times can ruin people and lead to drinking and drugs. But if these strong emotions can be focused on a constructive form of nature and into a dream or purpose – that’s when everything can turn around.

Helen Keller who was born deaf, dumb and blind who has written her name in the history of the great for life, she is the proof that no matter what nobody is ever defeated.

“Every single failure or traumatic experience can come with a seed of equivalent success.” – Napoleon Hill

Henry Ford who changed the entire world by inventing cars came from a poor family and he was uneducated, but he worked with what he had and he didn’t wait for anything to happen by chance. He stood by his dream and the world has changed because of him. Thomas Eddison failed 10,000 times but still persisted with his dream.

The only difference is to those who succeed and those who don’t is NOT QUITTING.

6 Steps to Creating Your Dream To Reality:

The steps for any definite goal by Thomas Edison.

  1. Fix in your mind, the exact specific thing you want.
  2. Determine what you intend to do or give to get this.
  3. Establish the Date.
  4. Write out a clear statement of exactly what you want, naming the time and what you intend to give, describe clearly.
  5. Read the statement 2x daily before bed and in the morning.
  6. Convince yourself that it’s yours.

Don’t wait for luck or chance, every person who succeeds what they want has done a lot of hope, wishing and mental work before they acquire it.


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