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10 Ways To Get Self-Motivated



How do we get self-motivated?

Here are 10 useful tips from The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley on the winners approach to self-motivation.

1. Self Expectant Personal World View: Awareness that fear and desire are the greatest motivators. Desire = achievement, success, and happiness. Fear = Destructive.

2. Replace the word CAN’T with CAN in everyday life.

3. Focus all your energy and attention on the achievement of the objectives you are currently working on. Forget the consequence of failure. Failure is only temporary change in the direction to set you up for your next success. You get what you think about the most. 

4. Make a list of your 5 most wanted desires and write next to it what the benefit will be when you achieve it. Look at this day and night when you wake up.

5. Talk to someone who is currently doing what you want to do most. Find an expert and get the facts. Make it a project to learn everything you can all about the winners in this industry. Take a course, get lessons, generate excitement by mentally seeing yourself enjoying the rewards of success.

6. For every one of your goals repeat again and again “I want to I can” I WANT TO I CAN. Develop a new affirmative self-talk vocabulary about yourself.

7. Paint the picture of what achievement looks and feels like now. When you motivate others and demonstrate on your own self-confidence and belief in their ability to accomplish that given objective rather than saying ultimatums like “I will stop speaking to you if you don’t do this” motivate with “I’ve been observing your performance and want you to know how encouraged I am with your progress.” “There’s a great play at the theatre we could go and see instead of___”

8. Don’t focus on fears and worry about them. If they are becoming obsessive, get a health check, consider counseling of relaxation, behavior and modification and biofeedback techniques. Associate with other winners who don’t doubt. They will help you overcome your fears.

9. Give solution orientated feedback when people tell you their problems when the problems are your own focus on the question – what is the answer? what am I learning from this?

10. Concentrate all of your energy and intensity without distraction. Celebrate success when you finish one project that you start. Finish one then start the next don’t do too many things at once.

Original Inspiration: The Psychology of Winning

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