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10 Car Crash Survivors Pose Proudly For A Chilling Photo Project For Seat Belt Awareness




The searing bruises from seatbelts in these shocking portraits are being celebrated as survival badges of honor. They show just how important it is to belt up.

This photography series is an initiative that is part of an NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) campaign to reduce the number of deaths on New Zealand roads. According to them, 90 people die each year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt.

The following photographs are of 10 real-life crash survivors, whose post-crash injuries were recreated by the SFX make-up company PROFX. Emergency medical specialist Dr. Natasha McKay, who provided her expertise to the project, explained:

“A seatbelt really does leave a mark like this. They will save your life, but they will leave you a mark to show how they’ve done it.”

James Liberona-Feek

Dion Perry


Willy Carberry

Will Giles

Dylan Chirnside


Rick Haira

Kahutia Foster

Dan Mason

James Mcdonald


Liam Bethell

Billboards around the country have been presenting the campaign with the survivors releasing emotional videos online that tell their story. The ultimate goal is to get others to share their own survival stories too, stressing the positive impact of seatbelts and the joy of being alive to tell the tale.

The reality is that fate can be out of your hands when you’re out on the road. The accident is not necessarily going to be your fault. It also can happen if it’s just a quick trip a few blocks away. You have to wear your seatbelt no matter how long the journey will be.

If you’re going on the road, buckle up. You never know who could be coming around the corner unexpectedly not looking; or even speeding up out of nowhere at an intersection to t-bone you because they’re having a stroke. Not wearing a seatbelt is gambling with your life.

Are you a survivor?  Have you been given a second chance at life because you were wearing your seatbelt?  If so, share your story in the comments below to be a positive influence and inspire people to wear their seatbelt!

Image credits:  NZTransportAgency and ourproductionteam

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