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Modeling Agency Is Redefining Beauty Standards by Only Signing Models 45 Years or Older



Its no secret that in the modeling world, being young is in high demand.

Why should grey hair or wrinkles make someone any less desirable?

These senior models are smashing the modeling industry with their style and most certainly have proven that age means absolutely nothing when it comes to fashion.

OLDUSKA, an agency based in Russia has chosen to book an older generation, specializing in seniors over 45.

Photographer Igor Gavar founded the agency and has managed to book a rather good looking group of men and women, ranging in age from 45 to their early eighties, each distinctly different, appearing in avant garde fashion to lifestyle photography campaigns.

Gavar had no initial intention in starting up an agency of his own.

“I met some very interesting faces,” he recalls, “and I wanted to do a separate project with them. A modeling agency became that sort of project.”

“ appearing as themselves is an instrument to fight stereotypes,” he explained. “They are an inspiring example to show that it is possible to look beautiful and be your age.”

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