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Meet The Amazing Women Who Are The Last Living People Born In The 1800’s



When I first came across these amazing women I had to double take when I read they were all born in the 1800’s. It’s a mind-blowing thought. They have lived through every major event in modern history, two world wars, the cold war to name a few. The have witness the development of the plane, the invention of television, and more recently the age of the internet. To put it into a bit more perspective for you they have lived to see a whopping 20 presidents.

I can hear many of you asking yourselves ”whats the secret to their longevity?”, well they all seem to have the same simple answers,  staying active, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep,  eating healthy and eating things you like.

World’s Oldest Living Person: 116-Year-Old Misao Okawa From Japan (Born On March 5, 1898)

wolrds-oldest-person-misao-okawa wolrds-oldest-person-misao-okawa-3


116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver, The Second-Oldest Person In The World And The Oldest Person In America (Born On July 4, 1898)



115-Year-Old Emma Morano From Italy, The Oldest Person In Europe (Born On November 29, 1899)



115-Year-Old Jeralean Talley From United States (Born On May 23, 1899)



115-Year-Old Susannah Mushatt Jones From United States (Born On July 6, 1899)


It’s hard to even fathom what these women have seen and lived through. All I can say is happy 2015 ladies!!

Let’s give these amazing women the recognition they deserve and share their beautiful photos around for everyone to see.

Article Sources: Bored Pandaimgur, usatoday, Guinness World Records

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