by Jade Small


A Maori biker gang performed an emotional Haka outside the Al Noor Mosque targeted in the recent New Zealand terror attacks.

The world mourned with the silent crowd watching the group performed an emotional ceremonial Haka outside the Mosque in Christchurch where most of the victims were murdered.

The Maori gang, called Black Power, was praised for bringing the community together at a time when it was needed most:

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the as one of the country’s ‘darkest days’. 50 people were killed and an estimated 50 more wounded during the massacre.

The Maori gang, formed in the 1970s to oppose racism and stand with the Muslim community following the attack on Friday (March 15).

This cowardly terror attack failed to divide the people of New Zealand and instead strengthened their unity.

He told the Daily Telegraph, via

‘’Even though people call us a gang and what not, we live in this community together and it has just brought everyone together.

It doesn’t matter what you wear or what colour your skin is, or what you stand for, your religion, it’s just brought everyone together like the earthquakes.

We love this city and I think and it’s a shame it needs a disaster to bring our people together.’’

Another member, Shane Turner, explained:

‘’It is sad today and going to be sad tomorrow and this is about the only time we can all be together collectively.

We just wanted to transfer our mana to the people who are suffering, strengthen them, give them something so they can hang in there and get through.

We can’t blame anybody, it’s not in my mind to do that, we will leave that up to the white people to handle it, we stay out of that and just do what we can to accommodate the Muslim community.’’

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