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How To Manifest Using Law Of Attraction In 8 Steps



Use these 8 steps to manifest what you want using the Law Of Attraction:

1. Write it down
Make a statement of what you want in past tense “I am so grateful for” “I have this” or “I am grateful that ___ is on its way to me. And it’s done.” Make sure you write it on a piece of paper.

2. Be specific
Include the details of what you want and really see it in your mind.

3. Make sure you really want it 
Make sure it’s something you really want it and that its for you. Don’t think of what other people really want for you, if you don’t want it deep down it won’t happen because the Universe matches your energy and energy doesn’t lie.

4. Believe
Your desire needs to match with your belief system. This is the most important step because this is what the Law of Attraction will match up to. If you think you want something, but deep down hesitate and believe it won’t happen, then this is the result you will get.  How do you feel really deep within about this desire? Do you believe it can happen for you? Start small and keep building up until your belief system strengthens.

Believe it’s coming, because it is.

4. Affirmations
Create personal positive statements that affirm and empower your desire. Fill your mind with these positive statements every time you feel any sort of doubt or hesitation.

5. Relax
Relax and act as if it your desire is coming to you. The more you beg and be upset over this desire, the more you picture it as not being present in your life and the more you resist. See it, believe and start acting like its on it’s way and release any negative feelings over it.

6. Be grateful 
Be grateful for everything you have now and the Law Of Attraction will keep bringing you whatever you are grateful for. Gratitude is a magnet for miracles.

7. See it in your mind
Imagine and see the movie in your head of your desire and dreams happening for you, live it in your mind first without any doubts. See the end result and let your imagination run wild!

8. Take inspired action
Now you have set the intention of your desire, you will start to get random inspiration and gut feelings to go and do something. Whenever you get a huge urge or inspiration or idea, act upon it straight away. When you ask, you will always get the answer, the universe is always guiding you and supports you and wants you to have everything you have ever wanted in life.

When you want something, the whole universe conspires for you to get it. – Paulo Coehlo


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