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London Newlyweds Celebrate ‘Window-Distant’ Party As Friends Surprise Them With Visit




After a 14-year engagement, this London couple had plans in motion to get married yesterday. Rachel and James Harrison were delighted by a visitation of friends on what would have been their wedding day. Forced to put their day on hold, a new plan took place reminding them they were not alone or forgotten.


With a make-shift ‘window-distant’ party and video calls from friends around the world, the newlywed couple was showered with joy and support despite global conditions.

Rachel, a wedding planner, had planned the 150 guest wedding for over 18-months. “We booked a place in Devon to have for the whole weekend,” she shares. The time and effort she put in did not go to waste. Her bridesmaid arranged for guests to send video messages at 2 PM, the original time set for the wedding.


“When two o’clock came round, we had this bombardment of videos of people toasting, which was really sweet and I was already in tears. So it was quite emotional,” Rachel adds.


Rachel and James Harrison


The fact that the couple couldn’t celebrate as they intended was a shock after so many months of planning. However, with the support of good friends they were able to get by.


“I’m a wedding planner but I didn’t manage to plan for a pandemic, we’ve been together for 14-years so we can wait another one,” Rachel admits.



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