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Librarian Transformed A 110-Year-Old Tree Stump into A Little Free Community Library



When a 110 year old cottonwood tree in front of librarian Sharalee Armitage Howard’s house began rotting and had to be cut for safety reasons, Sharalee decided to create her own Little Free Library inside the hollowed out stump.

Sharalee Armitage Howard works at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library in Idaho and as all librarians know, access to books are an important component of learning and creating a love for reading. Needless to say, her unique and cozy tree library is a big hit in the community as was her Facebook post of the project which delighted all who saw and shared.

The ‘’Little Tree Library’’ is a delightful and welcoming sight with stone steps leading to the glass door, the books visible on the shelves inside the cosy and warm tree stump.

Little Free Library is a non-profit that fosters a love of reading and community by encouraging book exchanges. With more than 75,000 registered Little Free Libraries in 88 countries worldwide. Check their Instagram to see some of the unique libraries around the world and click the map to see if there is one near you. You can start your own Little Free Library with help from the organization who will provide tips on how to build your own and they sell pre-fabricated kits too.

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