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Kids With Down Syndrome Pose As Disney Characters For A Heartwarming Awareness Campaign



British photographer Nicole Louise Perkins believes everyone is beautiful, no matter whom they were born as. Perkins wants to share her belief with the world through her beautiful ‘Down With Disney’ campaign celebrating children with Down Syndrome.

Perkins took photos of kids dressed as various characters from favourite Disney movies such as ‘Aladdin, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to name a few.

Perkins launched her awareness and celebration campaigns in 2018 with a Down syndrome awareness campaign she called ‘Down Right Beautiful’ which received a lot of interest.

“It was full of information that would hopefully help new parents. As my following on social media grew with parents of children with Down syndrome, I wanted to do something for them again this year which is where ‘Down With Disney’ came from. I absolutely love Disney and I know I am not alone, so I thought this would be perfect,” she explained.

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