On Thursday January 12th, 2017, we will have a full moon in Cancer. Some major aspects of the full moon include Jupiter sextile Saturn, Uranus trine Saturn and the mega aspect that will occur later in the day: a Grand Cross between Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Something big is building towards not only the full moon, but the Grand Cross.


To begin, because the moon is in Cancer, a water sign and ruler of our emotions, we might find that this is a time of an extremely heightened emotional state. Full moons are known to heighten the emotions, but when the full moon is in Cancer, our emotions can run even higher. Take note of your emotions throughout the day and remember to breath deeply.

If things become challenging in any way for you around this time, simply stepping outside and breathing deeply can help tremendously. Also, burning sage and clearing the energy in your home or around your space is also a highly suggested tool to use if things become difficult.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and abundance makes a supportive sextile aspect with Saturn. Since Saturn is the planet of structures and discipline, we can see that this is a time of cautious expansion on projects and ideas that we are working on. We are practical and precise in the best ways. Breakthroughs in our projects can happen. More abundance can come in. Justice, on personal and social levels, is strongly supported. What kind of items might we see addressed in the world around justice?

Uranus Trine Saturn

Uranus, the planet known as the awakener, makes a supremely beneficial trine with Saturn. Uranus is also the planet of revolution and revelations. With Uranus in Aries until 2018, revolution against and revelations about governments, banks, institutions (Saturn) will continue. On a personal level, revelations can come out at this time, but are ones that are ultimately beneficial. Though these revelations could be shocking and quick (Uranus). Will Wikileaks have more information to release, or will there be different revelations taking place?

Grand Cross

This grand cross is the culmination of something very big. What things are building or coming to a head in your life right now? The grand cross is formed with the Sun being opposite the Moon and with Jupiter being opposite Uranus.

With Sun opposite Moon, this can manifest as a struggle of conscious will (Sun) versus emotion and feeling (Moon). Deep learning through our relationships (whether intimate or general) can occur as others can be seen as a mirror of our habits, issues or challenges. Deep growth is possible at this time.

With Jupiter opposite Uranus, massive breakthroughs can happen. Massive shock and change can occur here too if we are in situations where we feel stuck or trapped. A strong desire to break free from things holding us back can occur at this time. On a social level, this can mean massive (Jupiter) revolution and rebellion (Uranus). We can also see deals of all sorts have extremely positive breakthroughs at this time.

What are your thoughts? What are you expecting on a personal level and on a social level? What breakthroughs might happen for you?

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