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“It’s A Boy!” Mother Throws A Party For Her 20-Year-Old Child’s Coming Out As Transgender




Things may be a little better now than they were a few years ago, but it is still a difficult world for the queer. Many people still have the opinion that being gay or transgender is not right, as if it were a disease or something ridiculous like that. This is a sad reality of the world we live in today. The idea that people even have to “come out” is not nice. It shouldn’t even be a thing.

Nowadays, kids still have to feel uneasy when they go to let their parents know that they are queer. More often than not that is because the parent’s reactions are anything but heartwarming. Fortunately for Adrian Brown, that was not the case. It was quite the contrary actually. When he decided to come out to his mother about being transgender at the age of 20…well, he got a party!


She organized a super-fabulous photo shoot for him that ended up going viral on social media. The Facebook post has been flooded with positive feedback! Brown told NBC News:

“The decision to come out was really scary. The hardest part was coming out to myself, accepting myself and loving myself for who I am.”

Brown also admitted that he always had his suspicion that he was not like other girls while growing up. Although, he didn’t understand why. He confessed to hating dresses and that the very act of shopping for a bra made him cry. After a while he began to research and talk about his feelings with close friends. He wanted to understand why he felt the way he did when the world pushed him to feel a different way. Once he realized that he was transgender, he decided to tell his mother and brother.

When he did, his family had nothing but love and support for him. His mother, Lundberg Green, congratulated him and told him that his journey would never be a lonely one and that it was about to be one remarkable journey for the entire family!

She explained to NBC news:

“We’ve always been a very inclusive home that believes in equality for everyone…I knew that I wanted to celebrate this huge milestone in his life…the very idea for the photo shoot stemmed from there… I wanted everyone to know what’s going on and that this is how we’re handling it. We’re going to celebrate it!”

She wanted to celebrate her son’s coming out in the most fun way possible. That’s why she did a gender reveal party, even after Brown was surprised and told her, “We’re going to do a gender reveal for me? Isn’t it a little late?” Once getting over the shock though, Brown did agree that his mom’s idea would be the perfect way to share the news about his transition.


The idea was just to share the happiness with her family and friends, but as it turns out, everyone wanted to join in on this happiness! For example, one person commented to the Facebook post:

“My heart is full knowing that Adrian is loved and accepted by his awesome family. Adrian you are brave and genuine. I hope you inspire others to live their life. And then there’s this amazing photo shoot. Epic!! LOVED the photos! Peace, love, and hugs to you all as your journey continues!”

It isn’t every day that you come across stories of such amazing and accepting families. The effect of this story obviously shows us it is something the whole world desperately wants to see more of!


His mother says that the huge success of the photo shoot has Brown a lot more confident about himself. She says, “He holds his head high now. He walks with strength and dignity. My son is happy and healthy and that’s what matters.” Brown hopes that his story will inspire queer teenagers and young adults all across the globe. He says, “I want them to know it’s going to be OK. It gets better.”

Images Source:  Facebook Post

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