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Indiana City Police Department Allows People To Pay Off Their Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food



I cannot imagine abandoning any of my pets and I’m sure most of you would agree. Sadly, not all animals end up in such loving, permanent homes.

The only upside is the people who tirelessly devote themselves to help get these poor souls back into loving homes or at the very least, make their shelter stays as positive as possible.

Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana is no exception.

Unfortunately, with the best possible care for these residents comes bills. Many of them. The local police department decided to step up when things looked rather dire and brought forward a great initiative.

Instead of paying off their parking tickets with money at local traffic departments, people have been encouraged to donate the funds to Muncie Animal Care & Services shelter.

They took to social media and began sharing the initiative with all their followers.

“Cat/kitten food, litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, blankets” were on the list and the posts sparked a rather large interest.

Officers even noted that if people were unable to make it to the shelter, a uniformed officer would assist in collecting their donations.

The offer was only available until the 19th of June, but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing our efforts in encouraging others to donate what they can to local shelters on a regular basis.

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