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How Plant Medicine Taught Me To Use The Power Of Intention and Gratitude To Realise My Dreams



2019 has been a super transformational year for me and I owe almost all of that to plant medicine , specifically I am talking about Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, iowaska, ayawaska, and yage all means the same thing. It is a hallucinogenic brew that contains DMT that gives people enlightening experiences that changes lives for the better.

People that have taken ayahuasca tea reported astonishing positive effects such as finding out their purposes in life, cured incurable sicknesses, and finding out the truth of the universe. Some people considered this as a drug, but I consider this as a medicine to heal the soul.

I have sat in 8 different ceremonies so far this year and drank 20 cups of Ayahuasca. Before I drank each cup I would whisper an intention into the cup and then also throughout the ceremonies I would often refer back to my intentions to help give me some guidance and a sense of direction if I started to feel a little lost. The power of my intention couple with my new found ability to breathe properly really helped to keep me focused and gave me great strength.

After realising just how important the power of intention with plant medicine is, I have started to apply this to my day to day life and it makes everything I do feel more powerful and impactful. So before you set out on any journey or do anything that has any importance to you try to set out a clear intention before you begin, ask yourself why are you doing this and what outcome do you wish to achieve?

Another super powerful tool I have learnt by being on plant medicine is the power of gratitude. It has often been said that gratitude is the highest form of thought and I now know this to be true. If you can come from a place of gratitude then you are giving yourself a real head start in life.  I now have a daily practise where I express out loud my gratitude for everything in my life. I like to start with what I am most grateful for – my children, In that moment when I am visualising my children and expressing my gratitude for them I often bring myself to tears and its when I am in this super grateful emotional state that I move onto other things I am grateful for such as my health, my friends, my abundance and then as I move down my list I start expressing my gratitude to the universe (God, my higher self) for manifesting goals and dreams I have and I know without doubt that these dreams will manifest into reality because the place they are coming from is the same place that expresses deep love and gratitude for everything I am and have. I really believe that If you can harness that type of gratitude and combine it with intention that is pure and full of love then this daily practise will work for all of you reading this. – Kash Khan 

Here is a short video I made discussing in a little more detail about my journey.

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