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Honorable Teacher Walks Miles to Deliver 40 Pounds of Free Lunch to His Students Every Day



Everyone has that one teacher that leaves a significant mark in their lives for one reason or another. Assistant headteacher Zane Powles is making this impact on students, parents, and hearts worldwide. Teaching at Western Primary School in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, he leads with his heart to ensure his students eat properly. 


Mr. Powles walks more than five miles each day to deliver free school lunches to his students. His new work attire consists of a backpack filled with up to 40 pounds of meals. “The parents and children come to the window or the door to wave and say hello, some of the parents want to have a little chat—I think I’m the only adult contact they get to talk to some days,” he told the Independent.


Photo via BBC


A former soldier, Mr. Powles visits about 78 students daily. In a time where many feel alone, this is also an opportunity to check in on how the kids are doing. While Mr. Powles leads on foot, two other teachers deliver 25 additional free lunches by car to families who live further away. 




“The reaction from the children and parents I have been delivering to has been fantastic and positive. The children come out all happy and smiling, say hi, grab their food, and then start looking through the bag. They then chat with me about what they’ve been doing and how they’re feeling. Most of them are doing very well,” Zane said in an interview.



Despite all the attention, Mr. Powles remains humble and shares “I’m usually quite a private person, so all the attention is kind of embarrassing, but we’re all just doing our job—the welfare of our students is our top priority and we’re just doing the best we can.”




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