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Have Good Luck The Rest Of Your Life With These Lucky Tattoos




Having a good luck tattoo design can make you feel safe, confident and full of energy. The symbols intention goes beyond being mystical. It is also a symbol of hope. Wearing one means you represent it which strengthens the bond between you and the lucky tattoos symbolic intentions. To constantly see it or know that it’s there serves as a reminder for you to have hope that things will go well. Feeling this way makes you get up in the mornings with good spirit and good disposition to face life.

If you believe in the signs of the Universe then you understand that being lucky depends, to a large extent, on oneself. Another factor of luck is to being attentive to the signals that the Universe presents, in the moment, throughout your entire life. It only makes sense then that someone who believes in these universal signals would want to wear these lucky tattoos on their skin.

To believe that the future has good surprises is a kind of consolation. To wear this knowledge on your body is to know that you believe it. It is a part of you constantly, this source of confidence that (in one way or another) no matter what, everything will turn out well. If this sounds good to you then you are the type of person who wants to take their convictions with them at all times. What better way to do that then with a good luck tattoo. Maybe you can seize the opportunity to bring about good luck for the rest of your life with one of these ideas:

Symbol: Anchors
Origin: Italy

The anchor represents security. When Rome went through a boom in maritime activities this symbol represented the security of arriving at a good port; to remember that, no matter how far away they were, there would always be a place to reach eventually. Nowadays it is used as a symbol of luck and stability despite of any hardship.


Symbol: Egyptian eye
Origin: Egypt

The eye symbol is interpreted as a talisman for prosperity, health and rebirth. It’s origin leads back to Horus, the son of Osiris-gods of the earth-and Isis. Legend has it that when Osiris was killed his son sought revenge. Consequently, Horus lost his eye during the fight to avenge his father. According to Egyptian tradition, you wear the right eye for power and positivity and the left eye is used in funeral rites.

Symbol: Fatima’s hand aka Jamsa (5 in Arabic)
Origin: Israel

The hand is mostly used in Jewish Sephardic cultures, although it can also be traced back to have been used as an Islamic symbol of protection, and in the West it is interpreted as the hand of God. It’s true origin is a bit uncertain due to its remoteness to antiquity. No matter where it came from though, in all faiths it is a protective sign that brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The story goes that Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, was cooking dinner when her husband Ali came home with another woman. She was so distressed that she put her hand in boiling water and didn’t even feel it. He felt so bad about this that Ali realized his mistake and devoted himself totally to Fatima.

Symbol: Four Leaf Clover
Origin: Ireland

It is such a rare leaf to find that if you do find one it is good luck. According to the traditional readings, each leaf holds a meaning – health, love, wealth and fame. To carry a four-leaf clover with you implies you have hope that things will happen in the best possible way; that life will always have a way of surprising you and that situations will be positive, even if all circumstances seem adverse.

Symbol: Swallows
Origin: The sea

Similar to the anchor, the swallows are a symbol from the oceans. Historically, a sailor would get a tattoo of one of these birds at every 5 thousand nautical miles to prove their unshakable faith of arriving safely at their destination. What motivated them to carry out this tradition was the fact that in ancient Egypt the swallows were the ones who took the souls to the next stay. Therefore, to get the tattoo of this bird would mean it would carry their souls safely into the future to live another day. The bird was also considered to be a good omen since they are the first to observe the mainland from afar. Whatever it may be, having them implies trust and good destiny.

Symbol: Elephant
Origin: India

An elephant has long been a sign of good luck throughout Africa and much of Asia. The exact root of its origin and connotation is uncertain. It is said to evoke wisdom, strength, intelligence and loyalty, and they say that those who use it feel a halo of protection.

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