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This Is What The Future Holds For Humanity According To David Icke




This is a truly inspirational and meaningful message from David Icke.

Despite all the wars, poverty and inequalities that consume the world , and this might sound crazy to some of you but I have real genuine hope for humanity. There has been a shift in consciousness in the planet. I can feel it within me and I can see it all around me in people I talk and in events occurring all around the globe. Never before have we seen so many people gather in the streets to protest and stand up for their rights in so many countries around the world. From Egypt to Brazil millions have been uniting and showing the rest of us that  the people have the power, we just need to realise it before we can use and utilise it.

We are all connected, literally, whether you look at it scientifically or spirituality we are all one. We are all part of a unified field of energy and essentially consciousness ( our thoughts) are what create our reality . . . slowly people are coming to realise and in the video you are about to watch I feel David Icke expresses this point beautifully.

Please take the time to watch and share the video below with everyone you know. Together we can make a difference, we can use the power of the web to connect with other humans and to spread messages of truth and hope.

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