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Famous Logos Are Practicing Social Distancing in Artist’s Re-Imaging and Design



In an imaginative approach, Slovenia-based creative director Jure Tovrljan recreated some of the world’s most famous logos. The world before us is changing as we know it. As the individual experience reflects the collective, we are standing before a great opportunity of change. Tovrljan has seen his fair share of viral memes and felt inspired to share a new take on images we see on a daily basis.


While these re-imaginings mirror the effects of physical distancing, there is solidarity amongst doing the right thing for the health of our neighbors. Stay social, interact via live streams and phonecalls—just remember to keep your physical distance. These fresh takes on popular logos are a break from the average meme on social media.




Corona Extra




According to Fast Company, “While Tovrljan’s logos are just thought experiments, some brands have made actual changes to their logos to better express this current moment.” For example, McDonald’s Brazil recreated their logo to better flow with the present circumstance regarding physical distancing. Their new tagline reads, “Separated for a moment so that we are always together.”



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