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Every Morning This Man Gets $84,600, Every Night He Goes Broke. This Is Why.



This short film is so powerful and inspiring. Since watching it I have tried my best to make every second count.

”Take every day and take every moment and make something of it. Make something positive.”

What would you do if you received $84,600 every morning, but HAD TO spend it by the end of your day? This sounds like the headline of a movie, but this is the real-life formula for success that has made one Harlem man very rich… if most importantly in spirit.

Elvis de Leon believes in treating each second of his day (that’s 84,600 per day, to be exact) as $1 and doing everything in his power to spend it right, because at the end of the day, it’s gone… no rollovers, no interest gained. Once we fall asleep, we go broke, so to say! De Leon’s inspirational story definitely makes me wonder if I am spending my time efficiently and making the best of each moment. How about you? Please check out de Leon’s thought-provoking message to “Live Inspired” and SHARE this video with someone you believe could benefit from this unique way of thinking.

Now that you are reminded of how much you have available to you, and how there is no value or option to store it, how are you going to choose to spend it? This is the question we all need to ask ourselves, and I am personally grateful to both Elvis and those behind this video for the grounded reminder. If not now, when?

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