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Dog-Walking Group, Dudes & Dogs, Creates Open Space for Men to Discuss Mental Health and Well-Being



Dudes and Dogs

The classic night out over brews with the boys takes on a healthy spin—for both mind and body.

Dudes & Dogs was formed in October 2019 around the premise of providing men with a safe space to express feelings, be heard, and support one another. Growing up with severe anxiety, since the age of 10, Rob Osman has found immense healing through walking with his dog—even on the dreariest days in Bristol. His inspiration to form a community is continuing to grow into a movement positively tackling mental health.

Rob Osman

Photo via TODAY

“I’ve been looking to see where else I could help, through talk groups and charities, but I also started thinking about what had helped me hugely, and that was the fresh air and getting out with my dog…” Rob shares on the Dudes & Dogs website.

As we continue to break old belief systems around what it means to be a woman or man, the timing of Dudes & Dogs couldn’t have been better.

Dudes & Dogs is simple. It is based on a walk and talk. “Talking helps. It does. It’s helped me no end, but sometimes as men we aren’t the best at it,” Rob admits. Whether anxiety is present or not, spending time outdoors with a furry friend and good conversation can improve overall well-being.

Dudes and Dogs Organization

“We’ve got some trial walks going already around Bristol, but the plan is to start officially in 2020 and move it out across the UK once the training is in place to support the Dog Dudes leading the walks,” Rob says.

General walks will continue to remain free. However, Rob also plans on expanding this movement further by bringing Dudes & Dogs into the workplace where stress levels reach their highest.


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