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Did You Know Wasps Can Build Rainbow Nests With Colored Paper?



wasps are artists

You may know of a wasp because of their sting. Yes, we understand – they hurt. A lot. There is a reason why wasps are feared all around. Of course, they are not a hated insect, like a mosquito.

Wasps play a major role in building the world around us, helping in pollination and killing pests. But other than that, wasps are artists of a higher order. Baffled? Well, if you are someone who only thinks of wasps two-dimensionally – as a sting-er and a pollinator, then you might be.

wasps are artists

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Mattia Menchetti, who was once a biology student at the University of Florence, had a keen interest in wasps. He wanted to study this majestic but feared species. We all know wasps make nests. They look unusually dull, but we can’t disagree that there is a pattern to it. Just because we can’t see a variety of colors on it, we dismiss them as boring. But can we really say wasps are not artists? Are they really that boring?

wasps are artists

Mattia Menchetti had a different perspective. He wanted to conduct an experiment with the wasp colony and for that, he presented different colored papers to the wasps. To be specific to all you wasp-enthusiasts, these were European Paper wasps.

Well, once Menchetti presented the paper – the wasps began to make their nests out of it. And the nests were magnificent. Each nest was a kaleidoscope of colors – there was an explosion of art. It can be a truly psychedelic experience. It proved that wasps are artists of a higher order.

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Who knew that wasps can be such magnificent painters? They should be called Nature’s Dali.

Menchetti shared the results in his blog, Notula Zoologica. You can go on this psychedelic experience on his website, or his Twitter and Facebook accounts.