Why the Dalai Lama Thinks Its Essential For You to be Self Centred

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The Dalai Lama does not propagate ego, and he even called Putin self-centered. But in a recent interview with ABC’s Dan Harris, he said it is okay to be self-centered when asked about the connection between success and self-interest.

The Dalai Lama shared his thoughts that self-cherishing is part of nature. And human beings are robots or emotionless without it. However, he clarifies further that people should practice the gesture of kindness and guidance for others in order to benefit immensely.

Science backs up The Dalai Lama. Studies have found that compassionate and generous people are healthy, prosperous and happy. And practicing meditation can help people become more compassionate. Wisdom and kindness should be paired up together because then you can stand your ground without hurting others.

Creating boundaries or saying no should be done with kindness and not from resentment. Idiot Compassion is a Tibetan Theory that encourages people to be fierce against harmful elements. And the action should be done out of a place of care and not anger. There is self-interest in being nice.

When we open our hearts and are open to our environment, we develop content in life and are happier than before. Compassion is a crucial concept and helps in the integration of a person’s life. Idiot Compassion refers to enabling actions. It is a general tendency to give into people’s wants but also learning when to say NO!

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