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Conor McGregor Reads From The Book ‘The Secret’. Discover How He Is So Successful …




Conor McGregor talks on the power of visualizing and manifesting your dreams and goals with the law of attraction. In this video he is actually reading directly from a book called ‘The Secret’

I truly believe in the law of attraction. You attract what you believe.

”You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough” – Conor Mcgregor

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Since I created Educate Inspire Change with every day that passes the more I believe that our fate is in our own hands. You simply cannot underestimate the power of positive thoughts. This is especially the case during times of hardship and struggle, this is when you are really tested. If during these times you can still visualise positive things and have hope for the future then you are far far more likely to reach your goals than those who let the bad times beat them. This to me is just common sense.

Stay positive.

Spread the positivity and share this knowledge with everyone you know.

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