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Conor McGregor Donates €12,000 For Treatment Of One-Year-Old With Rare Genetic Disorder



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Thanks to the kindness of community, strangers and Conor McGregor, a one-year old girl will be able to receive the potentially life-changing medical treatment she desperately needs.


McGregor donated €12,000 (£10,318) towards the cost of the medical treatment for the little girl, Evie, who has a rare genetic condition.

McGregor stepped in to help when Crumlin Boxing Club, close to the area Conor McGregor is from, held a fundraiser for Evie to go to the USA for further treatment. The event raised €12,000, and McGregor matched that amount.

A signed pair of cloves donated by McGregor raised €500 (£429) by the club, which he also matched when asked by one of the organisers.


Crumlin coach Bra Brady told The Mirror: “We got €500 for the gloves and being a bit cheeky I asked if he would match whatever we made and he said it was no problem.”

Evie was born with a rare condition, without a large part of her X chromosome. She also has a condition called microcephaly with pontine cerebellar hypoplasia as well as a mutation of her CASK gene.

Evie’s condition causes a host of other problems which include stunting the development of the brain, seizures, facial distortions, intellectual disabilities, and much more.

Treatment is not available in Ireland as it’s an uncommon and mostly unknown condition in her country. The only treatment option for Evie on her CASK genes is to travel to America for a four-week-long programme with a specialist.

Emma, Evie’s mum, set up a fundraising page to try to raise the €60,000 needed for the trip and treatment. Helped by Conor McGregor’s efforts, the page raised over €100,000 already.


Speaking to Irish Mirror, Emma said: “The time and effort put into the Crumlin boxing fundraiser was unbelievable and I would like to thank Katie, Sinead, Bra, Aaron and Phil and all involved in the club.


“They really went above and beyond on the day and we are forever grateful.

“It was not by any means a publicity stunt from McGregor as he did not even wantto be mentioned, we can’t thank Conor enough for helping our little girl.

“We cannot get over how much our little community has pulled together to help Evie reach her target, with hitting well over her target this now means Evie can go to Virginia for very intense treatment in Feb 2020.

“I would like to thank every person who has taken the time to donate to our baby girl.”

Crumlin Boxing Club recently held a fundraising event called ‘Let’s Sweat For Evie’, during which trained boxing coaches held an intensive class and charged 40 people €20 to take part. McGregor’s signed gloves were also raffled at the event.

The money raised will go towards Evie’s therapy and her journey to the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Neuromotor Research Clinic next year for the treatment she needs.

Emma told The Echo “I just can’t get over it. It’s so emotional to see the little kids out going to hell and back and to see what an hour can do in Crumlin Boxing Club – the whole thing is just amazing.”


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