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This Is Why Conor McGregor Could Beat Floyd Mayweather



Conor may appear to be a freak of nature athlete but his greatest strength is hands down his mind. Paired with that supreme calm, he uses extensive visualization and film study to understand his opponent, to feel their timing, their rhythm, to feel the core of who they are before the fight even begins. He doesn’t have a fixed method of how he should attack as he’s always learning and growing. He just keeps going with his body and mind until his organic, constantly evolving style becomes a clean counter to his opponent.

Check out this video from MindSmash explaining in detail why he thinks Conor has much more than a punchers chance against Mayweather.

There were a few more factors I could’ve gone more in-depth in but I think that is more than enough to convey my point. I believe Floyd would absolutely destroy Conor if Conor was who he was when he won two weight divisions in the UFC as Floyd is simply put one of the best boxers on the planet right now so it’s an obvious outcome, but when you give Conor time, that’s when he becomes very dangerous. It’s not that Conor is bigger, younger, is a southpaw, it’s not even the fact Conor has devastating 1 punch KO power. Conor is an adaptable machine, who as John Kavanagh would put it, works even when he’s sleeping. He is an eternal student with an inhuman level of confidence no trash talk in the world can cave… I don’t think Floyd should underestimate Conor at all…

McGregor has made too many people he’s fought look amateurish with few exceptions, and really, the more time you give him to study you, the more dangerous he becomes. His hardest fights have been with Chad Mendez and Nate Diaz probably partly due to the short notice resulting in less time to visualize and study them.

There’s too much footage and too much time for Conor McGregor to not to be a threat to Floyd.


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