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Brainwash Yourself In 21 Days for Success! (Use this!)



Believe it or not the world that we live in is always trying to brainwash you. Your subconscious mind is constantly being penetrated by your ‘environment’.  American artist and spiritual teacher Florence Scovel Shinn said this , ‘If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run it for you.’

The media wants to brainwash you. Religions want to brainwash you. Advertising companies want to brainwash you, why else do you think they spend over $20 billion per year just to get inside your sub-conscious mind. These big companies understand that by having control over what enters your sub-conscious mind they can have a level of control over your decision making.

So it seems that no matter what we are all going to fall victim to brainwashing of one form or another. But there is a way out…. what if we could brainwash ourselves? What if we could successfully reprogram our mind so that we become the true creators of our own reality…

Watch this video and learn just how to do that!

Summary of the above video:

1.Take a piece of paper and write what you want in detail.

2. Visualise yourself already having your desired object have mental movies in your mind and play them out like their a reality.

3.Stop watching T.V shows or movies that contradict your new beliefs go on a news fast don’t watch the news for 30 days.

4. Create a short but sweet affirmation that applies that you already have your desired object example I am successful

5. Create an alarm on your phone that will remind you at a certain time to speak your chosen affirmation.

6.Listen to affirmation or make your own that compliments your desired goals.

7.Begin to talk about what you desire as if it is already a fact.

8.Repeat,repeat, repeat ,new habits and beliefs are formed through repetition .

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