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Baby With HIV Who Was Rejected By 10 Families Gets Adopted By Gay Couple



Being part of a loving, caring family is a beautiful thing, even with sibling rivalry and arguments with parents. Family is the one place we’ll usually be welcome and loved.

Family is forever, often the longest relationship we’ll ever have and the biggest influence of who we become in life.

Like the family Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra wanted and thought they never would.

The first openly gay couple to be married in Santa Fe, Argentina, Ariel and Damien both work for an NGO that helps couples adopt unwanted children, and the parents of two adopted young girls, Olivia and Victoria.

The couple had been waiting to adopt for three years and when they finally got the call and the opportunity to adopt a baby girl, Baby Olivia, not even a month old, was rejected by 10 other families because she was born with HIV. Damien and Ariel on the other hand, did not even think twice.

When they held and fed her, they felt the connection and Olivia, happy and relaxed in their arms didn’t cry in protest either.  Olivia needed and received treatment immediately and showed positive results soon after.

Test results indicated that the virus was no longer active in her body and although there is still no cure for HIV, Olivia’s results meant that she no longer had the negatives of the virus and would not be able to pass the virus to others.

The happy family have since adopted a second girl, Victoria, and the girls will both be turning five this year.

Image credits: Ariel Vijarra

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