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This Artist Creates Dolls With Vitiligo To Comfort Kids Who Have The Condition



Most of us feel self-conscious when we have a pimple on our faces. Imagine what young kids with vitiligo, a condition that results in patchy-looking skin, must feel like growing up.

The affliction, which is believed to stem from an auto-immune condition, results when the cells (called melanocytes) that make pigment in the skin are destroyed. Most people develop vitiligo in their twenties, but it can occur at any age. Though the skin condition is not painful — physically, at least, bullying at a young age can leave emotional scars that are difficult to recover from even as an adult.

Because it can be tough to look different in today’s society, Kay Black of Kay Customz is creating unique, custom-made dolls that have vitiligo. Bored Panda reports that each doll is based on real women and girls who have the condition.

It takes hours to intricately paint the patterns on the dolls, but Black doesn’t mind. She feels her efforts make the world a better place, as everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. “I love what I do and take pride in each custom design!” said the artist.

Visit her Instagram to learn more.

Following are some of the custom-made dolls she has painted:

Source: The Mind Unleashed