You Can Now Get The Tattoos Of Your Dead Loved Ones Preserved



The loss of a loved one is always traumatic for family and the way they grieve and choose to remember their loved ones often depends on their cultural background or religious beliefs.

Father and son Morticians, Michael and Kyle Sherwood offer grieving relatives a unique service. Removing the tattoos from their dearly departed and framing it to remember them by.

According to Kyle, speaking to 9News, they started Save My Ink Forever, a service allowing people to preserve their tattoos after death, after one of Michael’s friends told him he wanted his tattoo preserved.

“Being the guys our friends come to with death-related questions, we kind of laughed about it at first.”

But the idea took root and they began thinking about the possibility and how it could successfully be done and Kyle asking, ‘why not keep their tattoos as a memorial?’

Kyle continued explaining the process saying that it can take three to four month after the death to complete the process. The tattoo has to be removed within 72 hours of death and can be done before or after embalming and won’t interfere with traditional viewing or cremation.

The Sherwood’s treat the body with the same respect and dignity as they would for any other funeral process and according to Kyle, once complete, the tattoo pieces require no maintenance and should be treated ‘as you would fine art’.

Of course, not everyone likes the idea of tattoos as a memorial and Kyle says that’s ok. It’s the family’s wishes that’s important and not anyone else’s opinion.

The have refused requests from some people who requested the tattoo skin to be made into lampshades or book covers, offering them a framed wall hanging instead.

“We are helping families and fulfilling their last wishes. We are not trying to create a freakshow,” Kyle explained.

For more about Save My Ink Forever, check their previous work and website here.

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