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Watch An Ambidextrous Artist Draws 2 Separate Hyper Photo-Realistic Portraits At The Same Time




Rajacenna is a well-known Dutch hyper photo realistic pencil artist. Although, she didn’t start to draw until she was a teenager. For almost all of her childhood life growing up she was a model and actress. Beginning at the age of 4, she starred in Dutch soaps, films, and TV-series.

Then, at the age of 12 years old, she began as a presenter of the first Dutch WebTV for children, and also broadcasted on the local television interviewing many famous Dutch people, but also world-famous people like Phil Collins, David Faustino, Ken Kercheval and Lorenzo Lamas.

Natural Artist

It is truly impressive that she even possesses such an incredible skill for drawing really; considering that she started drawing so much later in life than you’d expect, at the age of around 16.

If you see her work, you would easily assume that drawing was something she started doing as a very young child, and practiced diligently all her life. She is the ultimate example of a child prodigy and a natural talent.


Shortly after her first experience picking up a pencil and giving it a go, she became a well-known artist. She was discovered by an American art publisher and instantly became recognized as one of the best artists in the world.  So much so, her drawing videos are being used in art schools all across the globe.

Without any previous instruction, Rajacenna was producing stunning hyper-photorealistic drawings in such a manner that people could not tell the difference between the photo and the drawing. Her exceptional natural skill to draw pushed her to become a professional artist and illustrator by the time she was only 17.



Here’s where it gets really interesting. Not only can she draw hyper realistic (color) portraits with her dominant hand perfectly, but she can do it with both hands…simultaneously! That’s right. She is ambidextrous and capable of drawing two separate portraits at the same time.

Somewhere along the way she realized that she could draw just as well with her left hand as she could with her right. Then, she discovered that she could even draw with both hands at the same time, somehow distributing her attention to two separate and completely different portraits!

Ambidexterity is a rare phenomenon. Approximately 1 percent of all the people worldwide possess the natural ability to write with both hands. Her doctor once said:

“Her brain has to calculate very complicated processes before sending that information to her hands.”

Being able to draw with one hand, is not easy…with both hands is impressive. Drawing two completely different images with both hands at the exact same time is absolutely extraordinary. It seems impossible! How does she do it? Especially knowing she never exercised this incredible skill to master the level of hyper photorealism she exhibits…how is it possible!?

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