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Ukrainian Artist Handpaints Glassware In The Most Intricate Designs




With social media we’ve become more connected than ever before and have virtual instant access to the good, the bad and the ugly in our communities and the world at large. One of the particularly good things has been the platforms where the creative souls among us are able to introduce their art and crafts to the world and earn a living.  Artist, graphic designers, photographers and crafters can showcase their creations on websites like Redbubble and Etsy who offer specialized platforms where they can market their unique creations. Looking and finding creative and unique items has never been easier, from clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, toys, art and decor, you are likely to find it on  the internet.

A glass painter from Kyiv, Ukraine, Vita of Vitraaze, decorates teapots, mugs, plates, and various other glassware using heat-set paint. With over 500 unique, colorful stained glass designs featured on Vita’s Etsy page, you’re likely to find the perfect item for yourself or as a gift – if not, commission Vita to create one for you!

More info: Etsy and follow Vita on instagram


“I’ve been fond of painting since childhood,” says Vita. “I’ve never studied how to paint and simply did it for fun with my sister. When I was a student, I read an article about glass painting and decided to try it out. I took a glass bottle and bought special paint for glass in the nearest shop. I then created a very simple design on the bottle, it wasn’t nice at all.”

Vita did not throw in the towel, though. “I decided to try and perfect it,” she said. “I am crazy about doing everything as well as possible and fell in love with glass painting as I was doing my best to improve. Now, I’ve been at it for 6 years and still love it very much.”

Vita finds much of her inspiration in nature. “I adore how motifs of the natural world look on tableware and other pieces of decor. It’s a classic.”




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