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This Sculptor Uses Industrial Metal Wires to “Draw” Portraits of Historical Figures



Have you have ever seen a three dimensional “sketch”? Doesn’t sound possible, does it? What comes to mind?

Darius Hulea, a very talented sculptor from Romania does just that, he brings Historical artists and Intellectuals of the past to life using metals such as brass, iron, stainless steel and copper wire to mold their portraits.

During his youth, Hulea found sculpture while exploring the crafts found in his village. Both his grandparents wove traditional geometric fabrics.

Hulea’s exposure to metals and industrial materials was through his Grandfather, who also used agricultural tools – helping him grow from painting to sculpture, which became a combination of interests.

“I discovered during my second year of college that the great artists of modern history used the principle of drawing in space or drawing the space through different metallic structures, some, like Picasso, used recycled materials or, like Calder or David Smith, industrial materials. That moment was the turning point of the sculptures that I am doing now. For me, this type of drawing is what we find in the sketches of the great artists of the Renaissance like Michelangelo and Da Vinci—serious and realistic compositions that anyone can understand.”

“I hope that people will understand that I do nothing but draw in a new way, in a durable material of the past, I can then explore and research, as an artist, mythical, Renaissance, and modern thinking by finding three-dimensional examples that describe us now in a history of the past.”

George Coșbuc, Romanian poet.

Lucian Blaga, the poet.

Frederic Storck, the sculptor.

Ferdinand I, detail. (Photo: Christian Bota)

Ion Dezideriu Sîrbu, philosopher.

Grigore Bradea, sculptor. (Photo: Mihai Andrei Popa)

Ferdinand I. (Photo: Christian Bota)

Ferdinand I, detail. (Photo: Christian Bota)

Ferdinand I, detail. (Photo: Christian Bota)

Queen Marie.

Queen Marie.

Mircea Eliade, philosopher.

Mircea Eliade, philosopher.

Ion Dezideriu Sîrbu, philosopher.

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