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This Photographer Takes Ultraviolet Photos Of Flowers And The Results Are Beautiful



Photographer Craig Burrows calls himself a “photon-packing mixed photographer” in reference to his enchanting series of fluorescence floral images. Burrows’ ingenuity allowed him to turn ordinary flowers into extraordinary glowing ones.

Burrows modified his cameras using filtered 365nm LED light and a special lens found in “kits typically used for crime scene investigation”. This highlights the flower’s natural fluorescence, showing only the ultraviolet and infrared light.  Every part of the flower seems to glisten and glow, creating a fantasy, otherworldly image.

 By using a dense black background, the subject remains the main focus and the colors and hues literally make the flowers pop out of the background.

You’ll find more of Burrows’ photography on Instagram and his website.

Craig Burrows: Website | Flickr | InstagramFacebookTwitter | Tumblr | Blog


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