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This Forest Stadium In Austria Draws Attention To Deforestation And Encourages People To Plant More Trees



forest stadium

A forest stadium is the latest attraction in Austria. The stadium isn’t in ruins nor are the trees an attempt at reforestation. The forest was opened to the public on 08/09/2019 with a clear message that soon this would be the only way a forest could be experienced- in a controlled museum-like environment like we see dinosaurs.

Football stadiums and commotion and chaos have forever been synonymous. But this forest stadium in Austria has done a radical transformation to drag attention to deforestation and climate change.

forest stadium plan

Woerthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt has been thoroughly transformed into a magnificent forest. It is a part of a new and extreme project by artist Klaus Littmann of Switzerland. The “For Forest- The Unending Attraction Of Nature” exhibition will be on till October 27.

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forest stadium

Deforestation and climate change have been a fiery issue. And we are now beginning to feel directly the effects of the random loot and pillage of Mother Nature. This exhibition has taken over the entire pitch of the magnificent stadium, with 300 trees lining it, some as heavy as 6 tons! The installation at the stadium took 22 days to execute. The team was assisted by the landscaping firm, Enea Landscape Architecture and sourced their trees from 3 locations to minimize logistic problems. The trees will be replanted after the exhibition ends on 27th October, near the stadium.

forest stadium

The exhibition drew inspiration from a drawing by Austrian architect and artist Max Peintner 3 decades ago. Littmann is glad that around 30 years after he first saw Peintner’s work, this dismal scenario as depicted by the artist is finally blooming.

Littmann says that with this exhibition he would like to radically transform the way we see nature and bring into focus our relationship with it. The exhibition is also a warning.

forest stadium

The trees in the forest stadium in Austria are an eclectic mix as one typically encounters in a European forest. It includes white willow, aspen, alder, field maple, hornbeam, and the common oak, all trees common to Central Europe and Austria.

forest stadium

The artist created a stark image. A concrete stadium with its floodlights and gallery against the forest in the middle must be a reminder for the destruction we have wrought on the planet.

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forest stadium

forest stadium

forest stadium view

Littmann says that the exhibition aims to question the notion of nature and its future. The artist’s mission in depicting this forest stadium in Austria is to powerfully visualize that nature may one day be confined to enclosures, while the rest of the world gets paved in concrete.

Image Credit: Gerhard Maurer

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