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Photographer Recreates Amazing Scenes From The Lord Of The Rings On His Tabletop



The Lord of the Rings

Generations of people grew up with this book series by Tolkien. And they also witnessed its transition into an even more interesting series of movies.  The Lord of the Rings is more than just another piece of fiction for these people. And Nicholas Busch was no different.

The Lord Of The Rings

Nick was particularly in love with the movies and being a photographer himself added to his inspiration. He was tinkling with the idea of merging portrait with toy photography to create one image. And he thought of recreating scenes from The Lord of the Rings on his tabletop!

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Mt. Doom from The Lord of the Rings

The Base

Nick’s work went on something like this. He first used a graphic software to recreate Bilbo’s hobbit house design. With the blueprint, he used laser on wood to construct the house’s base frame. Then he went on to construct the landscape for three grueling months. He finished the work with the fences and trees. Such eye for detail!

Nick Busch

The Photography

The crafting part was followed by the photography part. Nick used Canon 5D Mark IV with Sigma 35mm Art lens to shoot the images. It is the use of the 35mm which lends the cinematic effect when Nick recreated The Lord of the Rings on his tabletop.

The Lord of the Rings on his tabletop

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After completing his photography of the vista, he went on to shoot the human models. Exactly the same lighting and lens had to be used to maintain the same color tones.

Post-Production Work

The Lord of the Rings

But no photograph here is complete without some post-production work. Nick used Photoshop (duh!) for the image composition. Nick confesses how recreating the skies was very tricky. It had to match the lighting of all the images and be in tandem with the human models as well as the diorama.

Busch at work

Clearly, it was no easy task for Nick to recreate The Lord of the Rings on his tabletop. Every photo series can go on for nearly 3 months to achieve perfection. And the results are truly mesmerizing!

The Lord of the Rings

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