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Man Builds 2,500 Square Foot Dream Home Out Of 11 Shipping Containers



Homes come in all shapes, sizes and these days with a variety of building materials to choose from. Shipping containers became a hit with the tiny house movement. Affordable, transportable and a DIY for those willing to do the research, planning and labor – perhaps with a little help from friends. Container homes evolved quickly into bigger homes, using several containers.

Will Breaux went all the way with his dream home, designing and building a spacious 2,500 square foot, three story home using 11 containers. Since early the 2000s, he struggled to find a designer to create his dream home the way he wanted it and in the end decided to do it himself.

“I began looking at projects that were being built that I liked. Ultimately, a designer with a home builder family was hired to design a 3 story townhouse to be built on the lot,” Will wrote on his blog. “After going round and round for months, I eventually had to fire that group because they weren’t willing to give me what I wanted. Thus, the journey to design my own house began around 2011.”

Will wanted a home build with shipping containers long before it became a trend. “Shipping containers are strong, fireproof, long-lasting, hurricane resistant, and have common characteristics,” he explained.

Will did his due diligence, spending hours learning about constructing houses and eventually created a 3D sketch of the house he wanted and then, step by step, he literally build the dream home he imagined.

Will’s not quite done yet and writes: ‘’One day I will finish it and it will stand on its own as a design and build.  Until that time, it is and will continue to be a WORK IN PROGRESS.  I have commented myself that it is likely to get more crazy looking before it ever becomes more normal.’’

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