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The world’s tallest indoor waterfall has been unveiled at the world’s best airport



Under construction and due to open on the 17th of April 2019, Singapore’s Changi airport is something one cannot help but get excited about. Designed by Safdie Architects, one is sure to marvel at it’s greatness.

The aim is to feel like you’re stepping into paradise, aptly nicknamed the “Jewel Changi Airport”.

Boasting the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, indoor forest fit to make the Amazon green (get it?) with envy, tree top walking trails, a variety of restaurants, retail outlets and various gathering places open to travelers and the public alike, one would almost find an excuse to travel just to see this ‘jewel’ for yourself.

“Jewel weaves together an experience of nature and the marketplace, dramatically asserting the idea of the airport as an uplifting and vibrant urban center, engaging travelers, visitors, and residents, and echoing Singapore’s reputation as ‘the city in the garden,” says Moshe Safdie. 

Extending the airport’s main function as a transit hub, they have created and interactive civic plaza and marketplace combined, attracting a rather large commute.

jewel changi airport singapore

The airport is also linked to the city’s public transportation grid, offering access via pedestrian bridges and 3 terminals, the 134,000sq meter glass enclosed ‘terrarium’ is accessible to the public, from every aspect.

‘jewel presents a new building prototype for connecting the city and the airport,’ says jaron lubin, principal at safdie architects. ‘like an ancient greek ‘agora,’ it aligns social and commercial values to create an animated public realm destination.’

jewel changi airport singapore

jewel changi airport singapore

The core of the project is most definitely the forest valley. A terraced indoor landscape boasting walking trails, seating areas and more than 200 species of plants, with a ‘rain vortex’ right in the center, showering down from a seven story high oculus in the domed roof. The region is well known for it’s thunder storms, so recirculated water will freely run through at 10,000 gallons per minute, cooling the airflow and being collected for use in the building.


jewel changi airport singapore

jewel changi airport singapore

“To realize the project, safdie architects brought together and led a global collaboration of talent in the fields of engineering, landscape architecture, water feature design, interior design, and art. Buro Happold engineered the steel structure and developed the building’s complex façade systems, while atelier ten developed the site’s climate control, daylighting, and environmental systems. singapore-based firm RSP served as the project’s executive architect, working in close collaboration with safdie’s boston and singapore offices.” – DesignBoom

jewel changi airport singapore

jewel changi airport singapore

“PWP landscape architecture worked closely with the team to shape and develop the lushly landscaped ‘forest valley,’ and led the design of the gardens.”

Researching which plant life would suite the climate-controlled environment, PWP Landscape has to find plants able to thrive in these conditions without draining resources. They collaborated with ICN to bring this to fruition.

WET were responsible for engineering the ‘rain vortex’. The firm also developed an integrated sound system which projects from 360 degrees, enabling nightly light shows on the actual waterfall.

jewel changi airport singapore

Image result for jewel changi airport

jewel changi airport singapore

The retail identity is thanks to Benoy, boasting a ‘meeter-greeter hall’, one of the key interfaces of terminal 1. Pentagram and Entro have designed a comprehensive display of signage and way-finding, integrated into the architectural system, creating reference to the urban feel of the project.

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