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Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing And They Look Much Cooler Than They Sound



There are two delightful art forms that both incorporate needles, but both are worlds apart. Well at least they used to be because both worlds have been brought together in the most stunning way! Embroidery, a classical art that you are more likely to associate with your grandma, has combined with the tattoo scene to create beautiful, folky designs that are both unique and traditional at the same time.

The results speak for themselves. The rich, textured designs look like the ink has been sewn into the skin, and take on an almost 3D appearance as they ‘pop’ out at you. Many designs are a contemporary take on a timeless technique, with a series of tiny x’s combining to form a bigger picture.

Check out some of these cool images that we got from the amazing Bored Panda website.

What do you think? Could this new style of tattoo be next on your list?

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