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Despite Their Disabilities, These Amazing Artists Are Incredibly Tallented!



According to Disability Statistics’ annual report, around 650 million people worldwide live with a disability, that’s about 10 percent of the world’s population.

When it comes to art, many people with disabilities have amazing talent and tremendous determination.

The art pieces featured here were all created by artists using their mouths, feet, heads or even a wheelchair, all requiring unbelievable effort and time. Some started in childhood, others much later in life and for many their art is their only way to communicate.

We hope you’ll be inspired and motivated by their art in the following images.

Mariusz Kedzierski Was Born Without Arms

Diagnosed With Autism At Age Three, Stephen Wiltshire

Huang Guofu Lost Both His Arms In An Electric Shock Accident At The Age Of 4

John Bramblitt Is “Functionally Blind”, Which Means That His Eyes Can Only Differentiate Between Sunlight And Darkness

Alana Was Born Without The Use Of Her Hands

Uttam Kumar Bhardwaj

Iranian Artist Fatemeh Hamami

Doug Landis Was Paralyzed From The Neck Down, After An Awful Accident, During A High-School Wrestling Match

Born With Cerebral Palsy, Paul Smith Created Artworks Using Only 1 Finger On A Typewriter

Annette Gabbedey, Who Was Born Without Fingers On Her Hands

Victorine Floyd Fludd Is A Blind Photographer Who Lost Her Vision At The Age Of 26

JC Sheitan Tenet Has Custom Made Steampunk-Inspired Limb Integrates An Inking Needle, A Pressure Gauge And Piping

Peter Longstaff Was Born Without Arms

Iris Grace Has Autism

Rakan Abdulaziz Kurdi

Born With Cerebral Palsy, Doug Jackson Paints With A Brush Attached To A Special Headband

Tommy Hollenstein Paints With The Help Of His Wheelchair, Which He Was Bound To After A Mountain Bike Accident Left Him With A Broken Neck


Desmond Blair Is An Inspring Artist With A Difference – He Was Born Without Hands

James Dunn Is A 23-Year-Old, Aspiring Photographer Living With A Condition Called Epidermolysis Bullosa

Dhiraj Satavilkar, Who Has No Hands, Uses His Feet To Shape, Design And Paint Clay Models

Brian Tagalog

Artist Leanne

Zuly Sanguino

Mariam Paré

Steve Chambers

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