While the concept of fall may seem foreign to residents in the eastern United States, where it has been abnormally warm, crisp autumn weather has spilled into the Mountain West, and the foliage is starting to explode.

Utah’s Justin McFarland recorded this impressive drone footage of his home state, capturing an array of fall colors on display at Snowbasin ski resort in Ogden Valley, Northern Utah.

The foliage is vivid, with bright red, green and purple colors, bringing remarkable beauty to the landscape.

According to AccuWeather, during the spring and summer months, chlorophyll is constantly replaced in the leaves, facilitating growth and giving the leaves their green color. Come fall, when the nights start to get longer, the cells where the leaf and stem meet divide rapidly but do not expand, causing the formation of the abscission layer, which blocks the transportation of materials to and from the leaves. The blocked chlorophyll disappears completely from the leaves, allowing for the yellow (xanthophylls) and orange (carotenoids) pigments to be visible. The red and purple pigments (anthocyanins) are the result of sugars that are trapped in the leaf. In addition, temperature, sunlight and soil moisture all play a role in how the appearance of leaves in the fall.

‘Unbe-leaf-able’ drone footage shows fall colors in northern Utah

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Absolutely stunning!

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