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Brazilian Artist Clears Up Garbage In Streets By Turning It Into Beautiful, Comfortable Beds For Animals




Here is a story of a Brazilian artist named Amarildo Silva that will surely brighten up your day. The young craftsman has been giving comfort and joy to animals while cleaning up the streets of his city for the past couple years. How? By turning old thrown away tires into comfortable and decorated beds.

The Idea Sparker

Silva first thought of making these beds out of tires when he noticed the stray dogs in the street using the thrown away tires as beds. He got the vision of a beautiful, more comfortable, upgraded version of this sleeping cubby in his mind. It was just a perfect situation.

Not only would he be helping the community by cleaning up the roads when he upcycles this garbage on the street, but he would also be providing animals with a cozy bed in something they already feel comfortable in. the idea was an all around win – the people are happy when the environment is cleaner and the animals are happy with that extra love and joy in their life!


The Project

Once he decided he was going to make the idea a reality, he started collecting as many tires as possible, taking them home, and storing them in his backyard. He would clean and organize them according to shape and size. Then, he cut them and painted them, each with a unique design.


He enjoyed doing this so much because it combined two of the things he loves to do most, helping animals, and reusing forgotten items. He has always, since a very young age, had this passion and liking for hand crafted things with materials people were no longer using and would be discarded otherwise.

When he realized that he could contribute to the well-being of his neighborhood (as well as make a few extra dollars doing so) just by creating something new out of an old item that had been thrown away, he continued on with his mission of making these beds until people started to notice…and love them.


Years later, he is still making these beds for animals. When someone buys one, he custom puts the name of the animal on the tire. Besides the beds, the artist also makes beautiful containers for plants.

The Artist’s Wishes

He wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. He hopes that his work will inspire other people to think up nice creative ways to reuse and recycle. He plans to present even more innovative ideas for generating a positive and beneficial socio-environmental impact in the near future.

Image credit: Amarildo Silva Facebook 

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