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20 Pictures That Paint A Thousand Words About Society Today



We have all heard the term a picture paints 1000 words well these images don’t do just but they also may invoke something deep within you.

Sometimes a picture can put something into a completely different perspective and potentially make you see something that you didn’t already know. Pay attention to the following images and how they make you feel.

Not Everyone Wants To Or Fits Into The Current System

Doing The Right Thing Only When Someone Is Watching

The Deceptive Leader’s True Colors Come Out Only After Election

Knowledge Is More Powerful Than Money

It’s All About Perspective

 Ignorance Is Bliss

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Some Sit On The Top While The Others Do All Of The Work

What Do You Do With The Time You Have Left?

Focus On Your Own Goals And Keep Digging

We Work So Hard For It To, What? Take It To The Grave?

People Will Try And Police Your Happiness

Feed Your Brain

Fighting For Peace?

Let Them Soar

Think More, Talk Less

Will Books Become Obsolete?

A Little Teamwork Goes A Long Way

Have We Forgotten What Gives Us Life?

What We Do Today Will Affect The Future Generations

Please share these images far and wide.

Thanks to collective evolution

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