The genetics are really surprising: even if you mix the information of the father and mother, some babies look like identical copies of only one of them.

Reddit users are sharing images showing characteristic traits passing from generation to generation – and some even jump generations!

1-Even the dimples are the same

2-I would not need DNA testing

3-Father and son: only the haircut has changed

4-Mother identical copy

5-Just like father

6-Repeating father’s photo

7- Equally charming dad and son

8-Mom and her daughter at age 15

9-. Father at age 28 and his son in the same years

10- The most resilient dynasty that we have seen

11- When even the facial expression was inherited

12- Difference between photos – 30 years and one cat

13-The son’s hair is a little thinner, but the rest is practically identical

14-Father and son of the same age

15- The mother (left) kept the dress to repeat the picture with her daughter

By Hidreley Diao








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