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Anonymous Pair Humbly Confess to Leaving Up to €26,000 Around Village for People to Find



Cash in Town

A pair of “good Samaritans” have come forward to the police admitting to leaving abandoned cash throughout town. Amounting up to €26,000, the anonymous pair sprinkled money in the hopes it would be found by those in trouble or times of need. This act had puzzled detectives for over four years.

A Mystery Finally Solved

After receiving bundles of cash from local folk, detective John Forster and his team in the village of Durham began investigating possible sources. While ideas of a kind soul leaving cash around came to thought, other ideas came to mind. Perhaps the cash was left by a guilty drug dealer hoping to rid any evidence. Maybe an older citizen is being taken advantage of. This mystery trumped detectives for years. After a series of investigations, tests for fingerprints, and interrogations the officers came up with no more insight.

This inspiring pair only came forward after the surge of attention that was drawn to their deed. Remaining completely anonymous, detectives revealed the mystery had been solved. According to detective Forster, the individuals admitted their identity to the senior officer after answering a string of questions only they would know.

“Something must have happened over time that brought them back to Blackhall and to give them such an emotional feeling towards the people there,” said Forster to The Guardian. He added the duo were not local, married or related.

Upon this newfound discovery, officers praised the honesty of 13 individuals who brought the cash to the police department.

“I’m really pleased we have an answer to this mystery and am glad we can now definitively rule out the money being linked to any crime or a vulnerable person,” Foster continues.

It is not known whether the pair will continue to leave cash. However, they are still making sure their identity remains anonymous. Their efforts are not coming from a need for praise, but a desire to give back.


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