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Aerial View of ‘Garden Cities’ Denmark Look Like They Were Designed by Aliens



Green Neighborhood Denmark


On the outskirts of Copenhagen lie otherworldly circular garden neighborhoods. They’re made for city dwellers as a place to retreat from the bustle of town. The connection formed between neighbors is what makes this creation so special. Also referred to as “Garden Cities,” these aerial snapshots of circular garden neighborhoods look like they were designed by aliens.


Green City Denmark

Image by Henry Do

It’s magnificent what a change in perspective can offer. Photographer Henry Do offers a stunning view resembling what some might see as crop circles.

“I didn’t plan on capturing this place at all, it happened completely by chance. I was visiting the capital with my wife and ran into a few Danish citizens that were interested in my photography. They told me to check out Brøndby Haveby, since it was built a while ago. I was not disappointed! It was very unique, like a whole pizza with each slice as a home!” Henry shares.


The homes are arranged in a way that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a “greener” life. Gardens are the main structure of each front yard. Surrounded by a green sea of land, it’s hard to imagine ever wanting to leave.


The design seen in these neighborhoods is very symbolic to the circular and cyclical pattern of life.

Garden Cities Denmark

Image by Henry Do


Everything comes around. Designed and built in 1964, the inspiration behind these homes stemmed from the 10th century. Landscape architect Erik Mygind came up with this design concept as a way to promote and instill a deeper sense of community amongst neighbors.



Image by Henry Do

The homes are typically available for visitors to rent between by April and October.


Denmark Green City

Image by Google Earth

From a bird’s eye view, these neighborhoods resemble an otherworldly creation. However, its creation is just as close to home as neural networks and intertwining neighbors.


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