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A Nando’s restaurant will open on Christmas Day to feed the homeless



Nando’s Waterloo Street, Glasgow will open on Christmas day to feed the homeless and staff members have volunteered to open the store on the day. In the meantime, staff have encouraged patrons to donate items such as blankets, gloves, jackets and items the homeless generally are in need of.

The branch posted a picture of a sign which had been placed in the restaurant, stating its charitable intentions on Facebook which reads:

 ‘‘‘We are planning on opening on Christmas Day to feed some of Glasgow’s many homeless. We’d love to be able to give them some gifts to help them keep warm and clean and we need your help!!

‘’We have place a bin our entrance and would love if you could help us fill it with hats, gloves, blankets, toiletries, etc.

‘‘Anything you can give would help so we can give these people at little bit of cheers on Christmas Day.

‘’We will be arranging invites with local charities who help the homeless so if anyone can assist us further with this that would be fantastic.’’

Many people offered their support to help the team, but due to health and safety regulations, Nando’s said they are unable to accept their help.

‘‘Unfortunately due to the nature of our business it isn’t quite as simple as just coming along and we would have to carry out all sorts of risk assessments, paperwork, training beforehand which we simply don’t have the time to do.

‘’The team are overwhelmed by the support shown and we think we have plenty of numbers to help on the day from our own team.’’

It is unknown whether any other branches of Nando’s will join the Glasgow branch’s effort to spread Christmas cheer to the homeless.

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