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6-Year-Old Runs ‘Drive-by Joke Stand’ to Spread Much Needed Laughter 



joke stand drive by

Callaghan Mcglauhin had preparations in mind to start a lemonade stand once the weather warmed up. However, as plans to remain physically distant rolled into the season he got creative with new endeavors. Inspired by a one-liner joke book he received from his mom, Callaghan took his humor to the streets for all to enjoy.


With a short daily commute to the driveway, this youngster sets up his stand every day for the community. He typically offers his services in two shifts split between a lengthy lunch break. Most importantly, Callaghan provides this for free.


“I want people to save their money for other things,” he said. “Some people need the money for groceries now instead of jokes.”



In an interview, he shares “What’s red, white, and blue?” Wait for it. “A sad candy cane.” When asked his worst joke, Callaghan intently reflects, “I don’t think I have any bad jokes, but my sister has like awful ones.”


While the town has enjoyed Callaghan’s clever humor, he has also received encouragement from Ryan Reynolds as his jokes continue to save the day.



This is a classic, yet friendly reminder that not all heroes wear capes. Callaghan couldn’t set up his original idea, but he sure took the lemons and made his own lemonade.


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