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5 Fool-Proof Ways to Live in the Now and Stop Worrying About the Past



live in the now

It is increasingly difficult to be in an area without stimulation, distraction, or activity. This is the direction of an ever-growing field of technology and consumerism. However, it is in our power to decide where we allow our energy to disperse. Health and well-being is a direct representation of what we feed our mind, body, and soul. If negative thoughts are keeping you in the past, it might feel like a web tangling you in. Putting mindful steps is a fool-proof way to live in the now and stop worrying about the past. It’s a muscle and with consistent it becomes memory.

Connect with your breath.

A racing mind is often going in so many directions and different speeds it can be hard to catch your breath! When you feel your chest race and your breath go shallow, take a moment and pause. Connect with your breath. Don’t force it to be any different from what it is. Just feel where it is at. Acknowledge the pace and slowly start to sink in deeper as you feel waves of calmness flow through your being. Whether at work or at home, this simple tool can be done anywhere and provide you with effective results.


Take a break from your screen.

The screen is riddled with notifications, unread emails, advertisements, and endless portals to distracted states of being. Remember to take frequent breaks from your screen throughout the day. Maybe this means turning certain notifications off, deleting apps, or monitoring how much time you spend on your phone or computer. You may be sitting comfortably with a phone in your palm, but inside your mind is receiving infinite amounts of stimuli that can make it difficult to be in the present moment.


Drink water.

drink water

This is a simple tip but can be extremely effective. Most problems wouldn’t even exist thanks to proper hydration. Lack of water can lead to headaches, false feelings of hunger, and increased experiences of stress. Next time you find yourself drifting from the present moment, drink in the magical liquid of water we are so freely blessed with.


Put an upbeat song on.

When a dog is stressed, they will typically shake it off by moving their entire body. Many animals do this. However, it seems humans have suppressed this natural response. Instead, energy gets stuck and remains stagnant until it builds up manifesting as dis-ease. Moving the body is a natural way to release anxiety and stress. When we are in our bodies, we are in the present. Put an upbeat song on and allow yourself to move freely.


Step into the outdoors.

nature walk

Mother Earth heals us in the simplest of ways. Whether you exercise or not, spending 20 minutes per day outside is proven to reduce stress levels and promote well-being. Fresh air hits the lungs differently. If you’re able to find a natural park or surround yourself with greens, take advantage of it. Go for a stroll and immerse yourself in the arms of our planet. This is as simple as stepping out of a stressful workday for a quick walk or going for a run around the neighborhood.


Creating and building upon these simple habits go a long way when it comes to freeing yourself and living in the now. Other ways to do this include clearing your space, looking up at the sky, and reflecting on your day. Do what feels right for your well-being even if it feels uncomfortable at first. You don’t have to dedicate three hours to meditation every day in order to be more present. All it takes is a little mindfulness at the start and you’ll be surprised how the journey unfolds.


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