Buddhism is such a powerful philosophy that differs to much of what we’re taught in the west.

Today, as I was browsing the ideas on Ideapod, I came across this epic post from Lisa Martin on 5 Buddhist philosophies we all should adopt. Check it out below and don’t forget to sign up to ideapod.com to share your own ideas!

“1. “Practice compassion”. Rather than just being empathetic, compassion takes it to a whole new level by taking action with kindness.

Practical tip: Try to do one nice act for another human being daily.

2. “Get to know your mind”: Once you become the observer, you begin to witness how your mind works without getting entangled in it.

Practical tip: Aim to be an impartial observer of your mind several times a day. Don’t judge, just watch.

3. “Connect with others who support you.” Humans are social beings and having a support network is crucial.

Practical tip: Call your parents or significant other and let them know how grateful you are.

4. “Don’t fear death.” Accepting things you can’t control is key to Buddhist philosophy.

Practical tip: Read Epicurus’ letter in the idea related below!

5. “Every cause has an effect.”

Practical tip: Every time you speak to others, be thoughtful of how your words are affecting them.”

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