18-Year-Old Starts Having A Seizure On The Train, Receives Help From Total Stranger Who Shares The Story

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What is it with the human race? Always too busy to look out towards others and their struggles. A nation of narcissists who think our pile of problems always tops someone else’s…

Well, this story took place on a subway, with writer, Erynn Brook sharing her experience on the way home, a few stops from her station. Erynn was approached by an 18-year-old girl who it seems, was about to suffer a seizure, due to her epilepsy.

This story serves as a powerful reminder to us all. Maybe just once, we should stop and accommodate others. All this brave girl needed was someone by her side.

Thanks to Erynn, we have been taught something most valuable – basic humanity and kindness to each other can make a world of difference. And what Erynn has requested means a lot – Erynn would like for something like this to be simply a normal occurrence, and not something worthy of a ‘viral’ story.

“I wish this was a normal thing to hear and see and do,” she said. “In an ideal world, the response would just be confusion as to why I’m even sharing it because this is how everyone lives.”

Hopefully, we will as a community come together eventually and learn about looking out for those in need, because, that’s truly what we all deeply desire.

“Listen to people, take a basic first aid course if you can, and listen to disabled folks,” Erynn told us. “Follow more diverse voices on social media, and if you can, get involved at a local level and work your way up.”

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